Support The Ownership Charter: For A Democratic, Fairer Economy Controlled By Working People

The Ownership Charter

Evidence shows that employee-owned businesses have stronger roots in their communities, are more democratic, are better for their workers and are substantially more stable and productive than traditional investor-owned companies. They are the best means of delivering a new kind of economy with reduced inequality, broad-based prosperity and a shared sense of ownership.

WE CALL FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND ALL POLITICAL PARTIES to adopt the following policies to promote the greatest possible level of employee-ownership and control in the UK economy:

  1. To celebrate the contribution of the employee-owned and wider co-operative business sector to the UK economy and to promote it to the general public.

  2. To make an explicit commitment to growing democratic employee-owned business to the fullest extent possible within the overall UK economy.

  3. To introduce an employee-buyout law to allow the simplest possible transfer of businesses to their employees as part of a planned succession.

  1. To encourage and incentivise shareholder-owned businesses to transfer voting shares to their employees.

  2. To establish a democratically-owned bank, nationally or regionally structured, to provide finance to new employee buy-outs as well as to established co-operatives.

  3. To endow a democratically-owned investment fund for longer term, larger, strategic investment to help employee-owned businesses grow.

  4. To launch a co-operative entrepreneurs’ programme to identify and support people who have the passion and skills to set up employee-owned businesses.

  5. To create and promote a one-stop, online portal that provides easy access to all the information and legal forms that anyone would need to start an employee-owned business.

  6. To create and promote education packs and learning modules for schools, colleges and universities about employee-owned businesses and how to set one up.

  1. To thoroughly review current legislation and associated legal entities to ensure they fully facilitate the growth of the employee-owned and wider co-operative business sector.

I want a real extension of democracy to enable working people to own and control a far greater proportion of the economy than they do now. I support The Ownership Charter.

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