FTSE 100 companies, please undertake an equal pay audit

As part of our campaign: '#Equal Pay50', and in advance of next year's 50th anniversary of the passage of the Equal Pay Act 1970, the Equality Trust have produced a report 'From Pin Money to Fat Cats: Pay Inequality in the FTSE 100' shows that FTSE 100 companies, on average have a slightly higher gender pay gap than the national average. In extreme cases the gap is as high as 60% (in other words for every £1 a man gets paid, on average a woman would receive just 40p). Despite this, FTSE 100 companies insist they do not have an 'equal pay' issue.

Well there is one way to find out, we are asking each and every one of the FTSE 100 companies, the leading UK companies, to undertake a formal equal pay audit, to establish whether or not, women and men doing 'like work', 'work of equal value', or work 'rated as equivalent' under a job evaluation scheme, are paid equally.

Many of these leading companies recruit to jobs without advertising a pay rate but and invite applicants to negotiate their own pay: a practice that the Equality and Human Rights Commission has identified as 'high risk'. Others 'benchmark' their pay to the wider employment market, seemingly oblivious to the fact that roles that are seen as traditionally female are often undervalued.

Add your voice to the call for FTSE 100 companies to undertake Equal Pay Audits. 

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